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Bringing together thirty years of experience in design and production of Wine & Spirits labels with the development of online solutions to manage your business’s needs

Thanks to our new team fully dedicated to “creating in digital” we now have the ability to design and develop whatever idea you have for your business and products

Our solutions

Online labeling management

With QRidea you can manage directly online and independently the creation of QR codes for environmental labeling, ingredients and nutritional values

intuitive management
User friendly

The QRcode to be integrated into your packaging contains all the information for proper disposal, ingredients, nutritional values and more.


easy to set up

Include the characteristics of your packaging elements, additional information, and anything else you think would be useful to better inform the consumer.


custom integration

The generated QR code will be available in the most commonly used formats. Insert it into one of our templates or create your own.


custom-tailored solutions
EU compliant

QRidea is constantly integrating all new legislation to stay in line with current regulations.


Focus on food&beverage

QRidea is developed according to the needs of our customers therefore it integrates inside all the specific elements and materials of the food&beverage world. It supports all types of containers, packages, caps and typical elements with which your products are placed on the market. It integrates a guided system for generating the ingredient list and nutritional values.


e-label wines

In addition to the mandatory information for recycling, nutritional values and ingredients, it is possible to integrate information, specifichr data sheets for each individual product. All in a single QR!

Manage everything independently

From entering essential information according to the law to creating a complete product page with data sheets, nutritional information and ingredients. You choose which additional information to include.

Multi-lingual info

Create your QR code, consumer information will be available automatically in as many as 26 languages

Multi-lingual info
info smaltimento in Italiano info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info info

In accordance with the latest provisions of the law

QRidea follows you over time, as new regulations come into effect you can integrate the necessary information while keeping the QR codes already generated unchanged. New features, same QR.

Give it a try!

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Our solutions

Promotions and events management

The fastest way to acquire potential customers

Automatic contact collection


QRidea's Promo system allows the creation of QR codes to be displayed at trade shows, events and stores to acquire new contacts for your CRM or Mailing Lists.

You decide how to attract customers

Through the Promo system you can manage the distribution of free gifts, discounts and gadgets. You decide how to attract your future customers.

Through the management panel you create the event and decide what to give to those who scan, from a simple "thank you" to the gadget of the moment.
Download the QR code to display wherever you want and start collecting contacts!

Control Panel

Through the control panel you can manage contacts, integrate information, control who has received any giveaways, and export lists of acquired contacts.


Autonomously generate all the promotions and events you want. Unlimited.


Zero stress: it's GDPR-compliant.

The data are in your hands, are not transmitted abroad and are processed according to current regulations.


QRcode ristorante

Give it a try!

Scan the QR code with your smartphone to receive a free gift

qr code promozioni
Our solutions


The evolution of the business card

NFC - Near Field Communication

It is the technology that allows you to bring your business card to life. Bringing your smartphone closer will display a page containing your company profile, links to major socials, website, email and name-specific references on the card

Biglietto da visita digitale

Not just social

With ilmioprofilo.info you will be able to view pictures and videos introducing the company, a preview of the company website and... call the person directly, save his number automatically in the address book and much more.


How many times have you had to throw away old business cards because a phone number has changed?
Do you happen to have to change your email or website address? With ilmioprofilo.info this is no longer a problem!
In a few moments all your references will be updated.



Visit the dedicated website for all the details!

Visita il portale ilmioprofilo.it

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Latest news

New languages

Full support for all European Union languages


New masks

For ingredient and nutritional directions


Ingredients management

Full support for ingredients


Nutritional information

Management of nutritional facts


Promo System

Online promotions management


New masks

Added new masks for QRs in the utilities section



Added support for managing wine and beer casks


Bio, Vegan, SQNPI

Added support for Bio, Vegan and SQNPI products


Swing top caps

Added support for swing top caps


New containers available

Added support for managing bag-in-boxes, demijohns and jars


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