We start from a simple idea and turn it into a ready accessible product

Bringing together thirty years of experience in design and production of Wine & Spirits labels with the development of online solutions to manage your business’s needs

Thanks to our new team fully dedicated to “creating in digital” we now have the ability to design and develop whatever idea you have for your business and products

Our solutions

Do you work in a specific field and have no idea on how to manage eco-labelling?

We create systems to generate and manage QR codes autonomously for different kinds of products.

intuitive management
User friendly

The QR Code embedded onto your packaging will contain all information on proper waste disposal


easy to set up

Enter the characteristics of your packaging, the QR Code will contain a link with all details.


custom integration

With our API you’ll be able to include scan results to your website in just a few simple steps.


custom-tailored solutions

Custom estimate, tailored on your business.


Ready to use for the wine and spirits industry

Wine and spirits eco-labelling portal

Manage everything independently

Multilingual disposal info

Generate your QR Code. Consumer info will be automatically available in all major languages

Multi-lingual info
info smaltimento in Italiano info info info info info info info info info info

Support for all kinds of caps and containers

Whatever your container you can manage it independently via our creation wizard

Bottles, bag-in-boxes, returnable demijohns, crown caps, capsules, seals and whatever else makes your packaging unique is just a click away

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Latest news

Bio, Vegan, SQNPI

Aggiunto il supporto per prodotti Bio, Vegan e SQNPI


Swing top caps

Added support for swing top caps


New containers available

Added support for managing bag-in-boxes, demijohns and jars


New materials available

Upon request of Clients and Manufacturers new materials have been introduced for use in your QR Codes


Launch of QRambientale.it

QRambientale.it, the website for the management of Wine & Spirits eco-labelling, has been launched

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Birth of QRidea.it

Bringing our thirty-year experience in wine and spirits labelling to the next level


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