Frequently asked questions about environmental labeling


What do I need to generate a QR code?

All you need is a picture of your product and the names of the materials your packaging is made of.
The system already has within it all the definitions of the various elements that can be present in the wine&spirits world such as caps, capsules, bindings, strings, demijohns, kegs...

Is QRidea in compliance with the law?

Yes, the portal was developed following ministerial guidelines, CONAI's best-practices and advice from industry experts.

When will environmental labeling of packaging go into effect?

As of January 1, 2023, it will be mandatory to mark all packaging placed on the market with the relevant codes for proper disposal. Penalties for those who do not comply range from 5,200 euros to 40,000 euros.

In what format are QR codes generated?

The generated QR codes are available either as an image (PNG) or in vector format (SVG), ready to be inserted into the label. We also provide a set of ready-to-use masks in which to insert the QR code.

Is using one page with all codes and all my products possible?

CONAI guidelines strongly advise against this approach

  • "It is important that these web pages leave no room for interpretation or reference difficulties, and that access to the specific information for the packaging in question is easy and straightforward."
  • "It is always preferable to create a dedicated web page or space for each package (or product) to which the consumer has direct access."
  • "Not recommended: pages with long lists of packaging and information to be searched within a website"

What can I put inside my QR?

In addition to the mandatory disposal information, it is possible to add data sheets, manufacturer information, manage Vegan, Organic, SQNPI products, include nutritional values, product photos and videos, and create a map of outlets.

In how many languages is my QR displayed?

Information display is available in 11 languages that are automatically selected based on the language of the device (smartphone or tablet) doing the scanning.

Can I try the environmental labeling portal before I subscribe?

Of course! You can request a demo account by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. You will have 30-day access to all the features of the environmental labeling portal.

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